Anni Leppälä approaches her photographs as if they’re fixed points in a process of change and alteration. She explores the relationship between what was and what is, with the desire to freeze and isolate a single moment in time, knowing well that it’s not realistically possible. Therefore, she straddles the impossible by keeping one foot in the past and the other in the present. Her images move from one to another like an infant’s cradle that slowly rocks itself to sleep. In other words, Leppälä’s photographs are timeless images that evolve out of a trust stemming from how we as viewers are invited into her world as neutral observers, as they all share a universal feeling of something familiar. She works her images like a poet with words, leaving us with something "outside” the image, something out of sight, a sensibility without a face to name it. Her photographs can’t be categorized by sets or series, as they all work together in one continuous stream of thought. Leppälä’s visual language is filled with various kinds of textured landscapes that can float or fly, closets and curtains that offer us a mysterious passage to somewhere else. Her focus is on how these images affect each other by their multiple combinations and pairings, unveiling a new understanding, "a third image.” This so-called elsewhere image is suspended between action or passion. It’s not a place but a state of mind. Leppälä’s subjects range from forgotten places to female figures caught in the seclusion of their own presence. Her photographs uncover hidden emotions, memories in dream-like settings, which convey a deep sense for a place that’s not hers to own but to share.