All of the pieces are done in the place where I spent that certain period of time. Interval between photos/moments can be different in each piece. In some case it’s a standard minute, sometimes it’s depending of the changes in the light and landscape (automatic shutter time in relation to light conditions) and sometimes photos are taken as fast as it’s possible. All changes that is seen are caused by indeterminate natural changes in the landscape. Canvas is divided in to each many horizontal slots as there are moments/photos. Each photo is squeezed in to the slots as a whole so the dominant features of single moment is the thing you can see in each stripe. Three dimensional structure stands for the idea that there’s no one way to approach and explore the landscape (memory). It liberates you to see that things look different from different perspectives. They come alive and something to be interacted with. Three dimensional features of the pieces are outcome of pondering some quality of the material/landscape. For example in I Wonder Where All The Fish Have Gone, 2020 the three dimensional structure is coming from the same pattern that is seen in the print.

Jussi Nahkuri