Personal Museum

Personal Museum, 2006

C-Print, framed
100 x 260 cm
Edition of 5

“Personal Museum” has been photographed in temporally empty museum in Helsinki. The character in the image is in real life a talented actress, who is reflecting upon her past, present and future. With the museum being totally empty, the “objects” we can see are her thoughts, all over the walls. In this sense this image actually is a real documentary, because not a single word is invented for the image. Essentially, they all are from her real life history, and represent her plans and dreams for the future.

Letter to Mona

Letter to Mona, 2006

Archival pigment print
178 x 220 cm
Edition of 5

Amos Anderson (1878 – 1961) was a Finnish businessman, publisher, Member of Parliament and an important patron of arts. He never married but he was known to have had numerous long term relationships with several women. The longest and most intimate relationship was spent with the famous Swedish actress Mona Mårtenson. Their relationship lasted some 15 years. When Anderson finally ended the relationship, Mona had an emotional breakdown which eventually led to her committing suicide. After a period of time these romantic letters between Amos and Mona finally surfaced after being found at his mansion.
They dealt with an array of topics from mystic powers of life, the sea, loneliness, silence, time, or merely simple evenings spent in the mansion itself.
In this photograph you see the pool that rests on the premises of Anderson’s estate reflecting the subdued light of a late summer night. The words seen in the image come from those love letters exchanged between the two lovers.

57 Optional Spots to Crack the Bone

57 Optional Spots to Crack the Bone, 2004

Archival pigment print
63 x 80 cm
Edition of 5

The model in this photograph is a friend of the artist and focuses on a her as a young bride to be, with all her doubts and fears prior to her marriage ceremony. It reflects the turbulent times and general lack of awareness of domestic violence that was just becoming a major issue back in 2004.

Map of Expectations

Map of Expectations, 2005

Archival pigment print
100 x 130 cm
Edition of 5

These three young ballet dancers are rehearsing in the old opera hall in Helsinki. They all have started to do so at an early age. We all know what kind of physical and mental voyage is awaiting them if they wish to proceed to a higher level in the field they have chosen.Filled with hope and the strength of their own will, their journey to reach their goals has many mental as well as physical hurdles.
The metal strings in the image are the references of all those expectations they will face from the audience, teachers and dancers themselves. Pulled together, these strings form their own aurora around each dancer, representing the ceilings of their expectations.