Ville Kumpulainen uses materials such as objects, words, archival images and analogue photo paper which he dismantles and recomposes by cutting, tearing, folding and rearranging. His first series Out of Sight is Kumpulainen’s attempt to collect unanswered family questions that he has been toiling with throughout his entire life. It represents a ten-year process of gathering and assembling his family’s personal archives in the hope of understanding emotional gaps that are filled with a sense of lost time. In his most recent body of work Eye and Idea, Kumpulainen combines his intrinsic voice to his found objects through fragments of words, which he has collected from magazines and books over time. Kumpulainen’s poetic sense of materiality finds a new meaning when his found objects meet their described action to form their own measured sense balance. 

Ville Kumpulainen was born in Rovaniemi, Finland in 1988. He lives and works in Helsinki and is currently studying at the Aalto University of Arts Design and Architecture. His work has been presented at multiple international venues, most recently on the occasion of Athens Photo Festival (Athens, 2018), Photo London (London, 2018), at Korai Art Space (Nicosia, 2018) and at Capitale (New York, 2018). His monograph Out of Sight was published by Hatje Cantz in 2017.