Anni Puolakka and Erika Roux

Anni Puolakka (born in Oulu, Finland) is an artist based in Helsinki. Her work embraces performance, video, installation, drawing and text in which biographical events are merged with fictional worlds. The works play with the boundaries and potential of human animals as they seek meaningful and vibrant – sometimes drowsy or dirty – involvement with other beings, objects and surroundings. They experiment with theatrical and cinematic traditions as well contemporary methods. Puolakka's works have recently been shown at BOZAR (Brussels), PLATO Ostrava, W139 (Amsterdam), Kiasma Museum of Modern Art (Helsinki), Baltic Circle festival (Helsinki) and Performance Space (Sydney). They have an MFA from the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and teach at the Aalto University amongst other places. Erika Roux is an artist based in Rotterdam. Through the development of her work she has been experimenting with cinematic methods, story-telling and observational modes of filming. With a personal and intimate approach to the subjects she works with, she investigates the complexities embedded in relationships, identities and interactions within the society that shapes them. More recently, she has been interested in looking at situations and spaces in which people redefine the terms and conditions for production, collaboration or political struggle. Roux is currently a resident at the Jan van Eyck academie in Maastricht. She graduated with a Master in Fine Art from the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam and holds a Bachelor in Fine Art from the Gerrit Rietveld academie in Amsterdam. Besides her individual artistic practice she currently co-runs WET, a video art collective based in Rotterdam.