Finnbogi Pétursson creates a bridge between science and nature, examining the very essence of light, sound and energy through sparse installations that utilize one substance to investigate the properties of another. Pétursson refers to himself as a visual artist interested in the behaviour of sound, rather than an audio artist. Having grown up playing multiple instruments, it seemed natural for him to combine sound and art. Looking to physics as a source of inspiration, he is drawn to what he calls "the in between" – not necessarily the amplifier or the guitar, but what happens to the sound waves between the two, and how you can manipulate it. His experiments often culminate in large installations where different elements and materials perform together in a perfect orchestral harmony, with each one revealing the fundamental properties of the other. For example in his work Nodes, a standing wave or interference of two sound waves moving in opposite directions, is visualised through the use of a line. His ability to illustrate the intangible and invisible has become a trademark in his work.

Finnbogi Pétursson was born in Reykjavik, Iceland where he still lives and works. His works have been exhibited in various solo and group exhibitions, among others at Gallery Taik Persons (Berlin, 2018), Reykjavik Art Museum (Reykjavik, 2014), Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (Amsterdam, 2013), Moderna Museet (Stockholm, 2012) and Venice Biennale (Venice, 2001).