In Art Dreams Come True

In Art Dreams Come True is a multimedia project linking different forms of visual, musical and performance art. Begun in August 2003, it continuously entered into new phases, all documented on video. Kozyra finally concluded the series with Summertale, which was produced and also premiered in 2008. 

The action for the 13 pieces takes place between Berlin and Warsaw. In Berlin, the artist engages with the famous drag queen, Gloria Viagra, and in Warsaw with the Maestro, an operatic vocal coach. Both lead Kozyra into a world equally dominated by artifice: Gloria, a DJ and singer, into the world of night clubs, and Maestro, a professional singer and instructor, into the world of opera. In both of these worlds, strong, but very different stereotypes of femininity reign. Gloria Viagra's main task is to help the artist discover the "woman" inside her, the ideal or incarnation of which is for the artist is none other than Gloria herself. The Maestro, always as artificial in life as on stage, is the personification of the world of the opera, of sublimated feelings and emotions expressed in an unrealistic way, imbued with a powerful sense of artifice: in song. 

The project questions celebrity, what it means to be a star, in relation to those fundaments of femininity that allow a woman to exhibit herself, sing, dance, satisfy and succeed. The series consists of 13 segments: documentation of performances, quasi theatrical productions, audience engaging happenings, and videos. 

Kozyra summarizes In Art Dreams Come True with this confident statement: "Anyone can dance, sing, and act. And from my omnipotence comes a certainty that I will succeed at whatever I choose to focus on, because I’m potentially talented in every area.”