Fear and Security

Fear and Security tells about the fear of losing control. When photographing more objects Hänninen, instead of order, started to see the idea of chaos in things. That became a series of pictures called Fear and Security. Nanna Hänninen says: "There is a great paradox because by setting up security measures one cause insecurity of something instead”.

In these images Nanna Hänninen has tried to catch the idea of a society that is filing, sorting and systemizing things in order to be
more secure and organized. "Her work titles – Fear and Security, Keep Under Control, Information Failure – reinforce the idea that these stage-set-like, micro-theatrical scenes are visualized thought, visual aphorisms, emblematic abstractions. In a model-like manner they represent thoughts about the world, about tensions, opposition, overload, sources of error.” (Urs Stahel, 2003.)

Psychological and mental mechanisms of the society as well as the incident of 9/11 in New York are the starting point of the series. The theme is still very current. Aesthetically these works are very simple and silent, minimalistic even.