In the Sky Unlike a Bird

In the Sky Unlike a Bird

Exhibition: 14 September – 19 November 2022
Opening: Friday, 16 September 2022, 6 – 9 pm
Venue: Persons Projects, Lindenstr. 34, 10969 Berlin

Persons Projects is proud to present a group exhibition In the Sky Unlike a Bird which is a collection of five artists’ interpretations of how an individual weighs and ponders upon the different volumes of nothingness. It’s an exhibition that creates a space where words float in the air and islands hang by a thread pinned to an infinity of blue on blue. Imagine an image of gravity dangling by its arms or a man in the moon who teases the tides by splashing the ocean one wave at a time. Howard Altmann says it best in his poem used in collaboration with Dominik Lejman’s painting, "could it be the sky has changed its colors? The natural order is where I turn now to turn myself around”. It’s not about what we see but more so how we perceive the place we are in.

Inconsistent Ways of Seeing

Exhibition: 29 April - 28 August 2021
Venue: Persons Projects, Lindenstr. 35, 10969 Berlin

We proudly present the group exhibition Inconsistent Ways of Seeing, highlighting the correlation between image and language. The five artists selected for this presentation all work in different medias and share a mutual interest in exploring their diverse points of view dealing with the relationship between text and visual art. They are all connected by how they challenge the subject of association with what we see and assume based upon our knowledge and experience of correlating the image with the words that define it. This disassociation process disrupts the identity relationship between the verbal and the visual encouraging abstract thinking.
Combining text with images has a long history in art and especially so in the last century, with Dadaism, Surrealism, Fluxus and the emergence of Conceptual Art. The artists in the 1960s and 70s treated language as an equal element in their works, creating a new perspective on interpreting and presenting ideas. This exhibition continues this dialogue with works spanning over the last three decades.