Light Rose I (Smokes)
Introduction I
Self-portrait with the Palace
Self-portrait with a Flag
The Human Motif I (Photo-Carpet)
Man Bomb
A Porter from Cappadocia (Kapadotia)
Five Past Ten
Black Square and Mandorla
Two Columns (Garland and Sword)
May Day Mass
Pattern 04 (long)
Pattern 01 (long)
Pattern 11
Pattern 10
Garden (Libera and Flowers) 07
Garden (Libera and Flowers) 06
Garden (Libera and Flowers) 09
Garden (Libera and Flowers) 08
The Splendour of Myself II (1997) in Transfigurations
From Siberia to Cyberia 1998-2004
From Siberia to Cyberia
All the Missiles are one Missile
The Ethnic Wars (1995-2017)
Symbolic Weapon IV
Splendour of Myself V (Mother, Daugther, Partner)
Splendour of Myself V (Mother, Daughter, Partner)