Home Works

Eskildsen reflects on the catalyst for his series "Home Works”: "I started photographing when I was 14 years old, now I am 41. During the first years, I photographed around the house, in the fields, and in the forest. My interest started turning back to the beginnings, and to the things that had so much inspired me at first. I felt it was a relief to photograph in the immediate surroundings, rediscovering what had made me so interested in photography – an artistic homecoming as it were.” With this on-going series (beginning in 2005), the artist documents his family’s journey in their pursuit to find a home of their own, taking them to six different homes in Finland, Denmark, and Germany. Eskildsen’s photographs seem to capture this concept of home through his children’s eyes. These works provide an intimate look into the nature of innocence that is filled with the wonderment of curiosity, exploration, and the lightness of being part of a new beginning.