Fishing in the Fear of Darkness
The Last Piece of Ham
The Beginning
Breakfast for the Lambs
The Sacrifice of a Sacred Tree
High-Class Hunting
Dreaming a Journey
An Alien
Wedding Night
A Quarter of an Hour’s Contemplation
 An Unspoken Admission of Tenderness
A Tree Turning Away from Light
An Alligator and Some Birds
Bird at a Window
Bullfight in Sevilla
Jungle in The making
Studying Dromedary
Afternoon on Savannah
Swan Eating
The End of Innocence
Suppressed Rage
Ville Lenkkeri | Looking Back with Closed Eyes
Considering Finland, 2018
Medical Records of a Small Town, 2017
Den besvärliga ödlan, 2017
The Petrified Forest, 2014
The Place of no Roads, 2009